Casa dos Poveiros


The February edition of the monthly lunch at Casa dos Poveiros in Boksburg drew a large crowd, with the venue fully occupied. Members of this close-knit community eagerly seized the opportunity to relish the delectable snacks prepared by the skilled “chefs” Nelson Dias and Carlos Tavares, known for their exceptional service and consistent popularity.

The inaugural lunch of the year showcased a Goat Stew, a perennial favorite among those attending the monthly gatherings. Besides the culinary delights, attendees enjoyed socializing and camaraderie.
Casa dos Poveiros, is a cultural hub preserving the traditions and camaraderie of its founding members. Póvoa de Varzim, a coastal city in Portugal, has a rich maritime history and a strong connection to the fishing industry. The cultural exchange fostered by Casa dos Poveiros reflects the vibrant heritage of Póvoa de Varzim, adding depth to the monthly gatherings and creating a sense of shared identity among its members.

To secure your spot for the Casa dos Poveiros monthly lunch, you can make reservations using the contact information provided below:

CARLOS TAVARES 082 448 5942
ARMANDO GOMES 072 863 0157

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