Mother Teresa Charity Christmas

In the spirit of giving and spreading festive cheer, the Mother Teresa Charity Group organised a heartwarming Christmas celebration on Tuesday, 12th December, at the old Convent in St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Grounds in La Rochelle.

Dulce, the compassionate leader of the charity group, along with her dedicated team of elves, orchestrated a remarkable event to provide meals for a multitude of impoverished individuals. Large pots were filled with a delicious curry and rice concoction, ensuring that everyone in attendance could take home a warm and nourishing meal.
The generosity of the Portuguese Community shone brightly as various donations, including vegetables, essential food items, and household necessities, were thoughtfully compiled for each family or individual to receive. This collaborative effort aimed to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing economic hardships.
The festive atmosphere was enhanced by the presence of a lively truck adorned with reindeer motifs, playing joyous Christmas songs. This special truck was loaded with additional essential food and household items, all set to be distributed to those in need, spreading the holiday spirit beyond the event.
Adding to the magic of the day, Father Christmas himself distributed donated toys to the children present, creating smiles and joy. Father Christmas took a moment to chat with the kids, fostering a sense of connection and warmth during the holiday season.
The event’s success was a collective effort, with volunteers like Beta Coimbra, Diogo Franco, and members of The Portuguese Dance Society of Johannesburg actively participating in various tasks throughout the day. The members of Não Há Gente como a Gente, led by Alberto Santo, also contributed to the event’s overall success.
The presence of Father Jorge and Eduardo further emphasised the spirit of community and togetherness. Their involvement highlighted the unity and shared commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

Timóteo Correia
Fotos: Alberto de Azevedo

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