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Jessica, the Wild Child

I have always considered myself to be a wild child. I take on any wild adventure I can get my hands on because of my life rule that you all know I try and follow. I want to be able to tell cray stories and look back on moments that I will never forget. This weekend we took a couple of days to do some fun things with the family. I would particularly say these things were wild but they certainly were adventurous.

My dad managed to take off a few days from work and we went to a couple of places to spend some quality time together, doing some fun activities. From roller-coaster to archery, quad biking, horse riding and Acro branch. Not too crazy, but still super fun. It definitely was entertaining seeing the affect that the Anaconda roller-coaster had on my dad. It was a laugh when my mum slowly fought with the obstacle course in the trees at Acro branch. I must say the staff were very friendly, very helpful and accommodating. Of course, they recognized us from before as I always used to go during school holidays. They were a bit surprised that I used to do the course on my own without a guide. But because they had just recently renovated, I had one of the instructors doing the course with me. But hopefully next time I’ll manage on my own. It was interesting watching my brother try controlling the motor bike through the mud and it was the greatest thrill galloping across a field. Alone, I might add. The horses knew their way back to the stable, so I was allowed to go ahead of everyone and GALLOP, forget cantering, GALLOPING to the stables. I don’t think I have been on a horse who was THAT insanely fast.
Being such a wild child, however, puts me up for a little chance of disappointment each time we head to do something crazy fun. When we go to a new place and tell them my situation, I always get a tight feeling in my stomach. A feeling that they would suddenly say that I cannot do the activities that they are offering because of some legal issue or whatever. Safety rules and all that
I always have a line of things to put in place when I go for a certain activity. For example, riding motor bike or quads, I make sure to keep my goggles on in case there are low hanging branches and things that will hit into us as we ride. Or when we go for out ride, I make sure to stay behind someone on a new trail or keep tabs on a familiar voice so I am aware of where I am.
I learned my lesson the hard way once, after that I made sure I always had back up plans for my back up plans for when I took on a new adventure or even just when I go out to familiar or unfamiliar places. Once, shortly after losing my vision. We had a school movie night. I was with a bunch of friends, one thing led to the next and I was on my own. My friends had run off somewhere and I am not in the least blaming them, but I was alone in the middle of the school field. There were people walking all over or sitting on their blankets. People talking, laughing and shouting. I tried making my way to where I thought our parents were sitting. Obviously, I accidently walked over peoples blankets and in front of chairs, trying not to look like an idiot who was lost on her own school field. I was only thinking of not crying and totally freaking out and finding my mum. As I finally crossed the poor last blanket that belonged to some random people, I felt grass under my shoes and knew I was on the right side of the field. We had set up our blanket on the edge and near the front but as I tried finding that spot, the lights all went out. This is when I burst out crying. Luckly, some prefects walk past as this happened and came to see if I was ok, they helped me find my parents. I have never been so scared

After this happened to me, I vowed that it would never happen again. After this, I made sure that no matter if I was with people I trusted or not, I would have a list of back up plans to get me to a comfortable place. After that, I kind of had major trust issues so I have always been very careful of who I am with and where I am. Now however, I have loosened up a bit and I won’t turn down an opportunity to do anything. I’ll take on any adventure, but I guess I have become so used to having backups that I know if it comes to it, I will be fine.
“I fear the boredom that comes with not learning and not taking chances.” – Robert Fulghum,
P.s. Please don’t let that one horrible experience be the reason you don’t continue doings the things that you love. Give it the benefit of the doubt and take on another opportunity at doing something epic. I’m glad I didn’t let that moment stop me from trusting people completely or doing some more fun activities.

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