Goal Setting

These days at the beginning of a new year there are two schools of thought about setting goals. Those who set them and have an intention for the year and those who say setting them is a waste of time because they don’t achieve them. Maybe its how you work with them that matters?

As two neuro-science coaches we believe in the power of having a clear vision for what you are wanting to achieve, we have witnessed and been a part of the process countless clients have gone on to change their lives, work spaces and relationships.
So, you would ask how you work with your goals to propel your life forward. Let’s start at the beginning. All of us have various areas that make up our unique life, for instance mine are health and fitness, writing, coaching, facilitation, flipping houses, animals, finances, relationships with niece and nephew, romantic relationship, relationship with my partners children etc. Now that I’ve listed them, I can have a good honest look at which are working and which need attention. You see our life is like a wheel in order for there to be momentum and flow in it, it needs to be balanced. If you want to feel fulfilled and at peace then you want to make sure you are pulling from all aspects of yourself and that you are paying attention and feeling good about where you are at.
After some reflection and honest rating of the areas you can decide where you need to create a clear vision for yourself. We as coaches are trained to help clients overcome the typical limiting beliefs we see pop up and we also help identify where and how you self-sabotage. I think it was Mandela who made famous the concept of “its our power that we fear not our lack thereof” We help you tap into your limitless untapped potential. I realise it sounds cheesy but you really can have anything you set your heart to.
Once you get your vision of what you want clear and measurable and specific then you can start working in an action orientated way to start achieving these goals. Then absolutely bonus wonderful thing about working on your life is ti has a ripple effect life a pebble in a pond one area effects all areas and so the law of momentum is applied. I think there is so much to be said for when a person is feeling in control of things and on top of things, something magical happens and their positivity and zest for life seems to be infectious. They become more creative and when you are able to work like this, opportunities open up for you. Its what we call the red car theory, if I asked you to tell me how many red cars you have seen today you wouldn’t be able to, however if I ask you to count every red can you see tomorrow you will be amazed at how many are around. The same thing with opportunity when you look at it and for it it appears all around you.
On that note here is to 2024 may you have the will and the courage to set goals, may your eyes be opened to your power and magnificence and as a result your life transform.
The best time to plant a forest is definitely today.

Gorette Doria

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