CCILSA – Networking Success at Puro Beach Algarve

Attendees from South Africa and Portugal Unite for a Global Networking Affair

On December 7th, CCILSA orchestrated a networking event at the captivating Puro Beach Algarve, transcending geographical boundaries to unite entrepreneurs, business magnates, and private individuals from both Portugal and South Africa.

The allure of the event was undeniable, drawing around 60 participants who eagerly embraced the opportunity for meaningful connections and the exchange of innovative business ideas. The ambiance exuded sheer elegance, with the sophisticated notes of Tó da Costa, a distinguished South African Portuguese resident, providing a melodic backdrop to the evening. The event unfolded into a memorable night, extending its enchantment until the clock struck midnight. Attendees reveled not only in the glamour but also in the invaluable connections fostered, making it an evening to remember.
CCILSA’s Technological Stride: New Website and Visionary Agenda for 2024
Amidst the revelry and shared enthusiasm, CCILSA took a technological leap forward by unveiling its new bilingual website. This milestone not only signifies a commitment to accessibility but also ensures that members and interested parties can seamlessly stay informed about the organization’s activities in both English and Portuguese.
Simultaneously, CCILSA outlined an ambitious agenda for 2024, poised to elevate networking and professional development opportunities for its diverse community. The inaugural event of the year, in collaboration with the British and French Portuguese Chambers of Commerce at the prestigious W Algarve Hotel on January 18th, promises to be a nexus of business growth. Late afternoon drinks, from 6 pm to 8 pm, will set the stage for a sophisticated gathering, fostering collaboration and camaraderie among business leaders.

As February approaches, two more events are on the horizon—one in the picturesque Algarve and another in the vibrant city of Lisbon. While specific dates are yet to be announced, the promise of distinguished keynote speakers delving into changes in the state budget adds an element of anticipation. These speakers will not only provide invaluable insights into tax considerations but also pave the way for robust discussions on business strategies crucial to navigating the evolving economic landscape.
Charitable Brilliance: Raffle Funds University Studies
Beyond the glitz and glamour, CCILSA demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy through a raffle that added a touch of benevolence to the evening. Generous contributions from Wolf’s Own Winemakers/Distillers, One More Glass Wines, Quinta do Barranco Longo, Chilli Boy, Currencies Direct, “O Grego” Restaurante, Casa dos Presuntos Restaurant, Amara Restaurant, Boavista Golf, Dream Properties, and Hotel Conrad collectively raised approximately €500.
These funds are earmarked for university studies, supporting the aspirations of two young adults. In collaboration with TU (Talentos Unidos), a non-profit organization empowering the next generation of professionals, CCILSA is not only facilitating business connections but also actively contributing to the academic journey of deserving individuals.
Expanding Business Horizons: Connection with Other Chambers of Commerce
The success of CCILSA’s networking event is not just about local triumph; it signifies a broader initiative to strengthen ties with other chambers of commerce worldwide. Recognizing the importance of fostering international connections, CCILSA actively seeks collaboration with chambers from various countries, providing a gateway for global business interactions.
In a recent manifestation of this commitment, the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, the French Chamber of Commerce, and the South African Chamber of Commerce joined forces with CCILSA to organize the first event of 2024. This networking extravaganza took place on Thursday, the 18th of January, in the picturesque setting of the Algarve at the W Hotel. The event drew an impressive crowd of approximately 150 attendees, creating a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas and fostering valuable connections.
By showcasing the synergy between chambers, CCILSA exemplifies its dedication to creating a vibrant international business community, where professionals from around the globe converge to share insights and catalyze cross-cultural understanding. As CCILSA continues to broaden its reach and influence, it invites professionals from different corners of the world to acknowledge and connect with the organization, further solidifying its position as a hub for international business connections.
Gratitude to Partners: A Stellar Year for CCILSA
As CCILSA reflects on this momentous evening, special acknowledgment extends to the sponsors and businesses instrumental in shaping the organization’s triumphant year. The South African Embassy in Portugal, Tim Vieira and BGA, TAAG Airlines, The Portugal News, and The Portuguese Forum in South Africa, alongside several chambers of commerce in both Portugal and South Africa, played pivotal roles in creating an environment conducive to success.
As the echoes of success resonate, CCILSA looks ahead to a future where collaboration, celebration, and charitable impact continue to be the cornerstones of its endeavors. The evening at Puro Beach Algarve as well as the evening at the W Hotel at the Algarve, not only marked a singular event but symbolized a collective journey towards excellence, meaningful engagement, and business growth within the community.
CCILSA extends its heartfelt gratitude to its esteemed members for their unwavering dedication in advancing the pivotal role of the chamber. As we bid farewell to this chapter and usher in the promise of a new year, CCILSA warmly wishes boundless prosperity to all our cherished partners, esteemed associates, and valued collaborators in 2024. May this year be a tapestry of success, growth, and shared achievements. Together, let us continue shaping a future brimming with collaborative excellence.
Connecting with CCILSA
For those seeking more information about CCILSA and its vibrant community, a visit to the official website [] or an email to [] provides direct access to resources and contacts.

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