Priests should be allowed to marry – Senior Archishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna, a senior Vatican official and advisor to Pope Francis, reflected on the Roman Catholic Church’s celibacy requirement for priests. He acknowledged the historical exceptions and suggested a reconsideration of this rule, noting the Church’s past acceptance of married priests and its continuation in the Eastern rite today.

Scicluna expressed concerns about the loss of talented priests due to the celibacy mandate. He highlighted the complexities priests face when dealing with romantic feelings, stating that some struggle to balance their commitment to the priesthood with romantic relationships.

While recognizing celibacy’s significance in the Church, Scicluna suggested a reevaluation of this requirement. He mentioned instances where priests, experiencing love, confront challenges between their dedication to the priesthood and romantic connections.

The ongoing debate regarding married Roman Catholic priests has existed for centuries. Despite the value placed on celibacy for dedication, Scicluna’s remarks indicate a potential reassessment of this tradition, echoing past discussions about modifying this aspect of Church practice.

Times of Malta

Roberto Silva

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