The Agricultural School of Madeira is currently accepting registrations for 17 courses

The Agricultural School of Madeira is currently accepting registrations for 17 courses

The Agricultural School of Madeira is currently open for enrollment in its diverse array of 17 specialized training courses scheduled to run until April 2024. Located within the São Vicente municipality, this esteemed institution is expressly dedicated to providing comprehensive education on the most cutting-edge methodologies and techniques in agricultural production.

Its overarching goal is to bolster the regional agricultural landscape by enhancing the quality, safety, and economic viability of local produce.

With a clear emphasis on cultivating proficiency in farming practices, the school stands as a vital instrument in fostering sustainable and productive agricultural endeavors. As indicated by its name, the institution prioritizes equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize regional yields and ensure their sustainability and profitability.

Through its commitment to imparting knowledge, fostering innovation, and addressing the needs of the agricultural sector, the Agricultural School of Madeira remains a cornerstone of excellence in the regional farming community, providing indispensable guidance and support to current and aspiring farmers alike.

Under the purview of the Regional Government, specifically the esteemed oversight of the Regional Secretariat of Agriculture and Environment, this educational facility serves as an invaluable resource. Its primary aim is to foster a close-knit relationship with local farmers. By aligning its course offerings with the specific needs and demands of the agricultural community, the school ensures that its training programmes are tailored to cater directly to the target audience’s requirements.

For those seeking further information or interested in enrolling in these courses, the official webpage of the Agricultural School of Madeira (https// serves as the primary point of reference. There, individuals can access comprehensive details about the courses available, the application process, and other relevant particulars.


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