Pica Pau in Harties

On the 7th of October, we found ourselves at Pica Pau in Hartebeestpoort Dam, a delightful restaurant named after a woodpecker. The restaurant is situated within a charming resort, and the entire setting is simply breathtaking. This annual event has been a brilliant idea for a few years now, resembling a Festa with various vendors set up throughout the resort.

A spacious stretch tent provided shade to keep everyone cool, and a delightful swimming pool was available for a refreshing dip, which the children took full advantage of! DJ Vix was on hand to ensure there was music to keep toes tapping, and, of course, a wide variety of foods were available for purchase and enjoyment. It was a truly enjoyable way to spend the day, and everyone had a wonderful time. The numerous vendors offered a wide array of items for sale, making it enjoyable to stroll around and peruse the offerings. There were also live performances to entertain the crowd, including our favorite singer, Miguel Pregueiro, which was a treat.

George, the owner of Pica Pau, has truly excelled in organizing this event, and the day evolved into a genuine family gathering, as one would expect. This is one of the remarkable aspects of the Portuguese community ÔÇô events like these become more of a family reunion than anything else, and the laughter and merriment are highly contagious! It’s not exclusive to the Portuguese community, as people from various cultures come to partake in the experience, making it an important event to mark on our calendar.

Philip Allebone
Photos: Alberto de Azevedo

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