Mafiosos da Caridade

Mafiosos at Rodízio

The weekly luncheon for the Mafiosos de Caridade took place at Rodizio Restaurant in Melrose Arch, and we were present to inquire about everyone’s well-being and catch up on the latest news. It was a particularly special day as it marked the birthday of the Mafiosos’ leader, Orlando. The establishment was brimming with well-wishers who had come to extend their birthday greetings. A special menu was offered for the occasion, featuring a delectable assortment of grilled prawns, chouriço, calamari, rissoles, and more to satiate the appetites of all in attendance.

Orlando was taken by surprise when his family and friends showed up at the luncheon to wish him a very happy birthday. It’s always a delight to reconnect with the group and see how everyone is faring. Once the meals were concluded, gifts were distributed by friends and family to Orlando, as he certainly deserved to be pampered on his special day. After the Mafiosos’ luncheon concluded, Orlando was whisked away by his family and friends to continue celebrating with them.
The Mafiosos are currently gearing up for their golf day and dedicating their time to assisting with the development of the Charity Farm organized at Nucleo de Arte e Cultura. We have high hopes for the success of their endeavors and extend our best wishes to them as they prepare for this year’s Christmas season.

Philip Allebone
Photos: Alberto de Azevedo

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