Festa @ Nelsonia

Located in the farmlands of Meyerton, at the intersection of Ronald Street and Leopold Street, you’ll discover a hidden gem that’s well worth knowing about: Nelsonia Portuguese Restaurant. While it may be a bit off the beaten path, it’s a place you should definitely visit. Not only that, on the 21st and 22nd of October, they hosted the Nelsonia Portuguese Festa.

They brought in the music with that delightful Portuguese vibe, courtesy of DJ Paul. Of course, no festa is complete without dancing, and they had not only the ladies from the Madeira Dancers but also the incredible Terras Do Norte Ranchos and the Rancho from Troyeville NAC. The In Between Band and Rui and Helder Celestino, Ana, and even Choppa added to the musical delight. It was a treat for the ears over two days.

Naturally, Nelsonia Portuguese Restaurant is, as the name suggests, a restaurant, so there was some amazing Portuguese food available as well. This is the foundation of an excellent Fiesta ÔÇô great food, a few drinks, and music that’ll get you on your feet!
It was a fantastic weekend and certainly worth the trip to enjoy it all. We hope you had the chance to do just that. Nelsonia is definitely establishing itself as a restaurant with a vibrant atmosphere. So, if you’re into having the time of your life, savoring delicious meals, gathering with friends, and having an all-around good time, this is the place to visit. Make sure to keep an eye out for the next Festa, so you don’t miss out again!

Philip Allebone
Photos: Alberto de Azevedo

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