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60th Anniversary of Casa Dos Poveiros

If you look at the pictures that hang on the boardroom wall in the club, you soon notice that in some of them the clothing is very out of date, and it does not take much to realise that there is a real history to this club. This past weekend, on the 21st of October, Casa Dos Poveiros celebrated SIXTY years as a club.

That is a very long time indeed ÔÇô longer than I have ever lived ÔÇô and I think that they are very deserving of being proud of this achievement. They stand today as an important part of the community’s history, as a place where parties were held, couples met and fell in love, where birthdays were celebrated, where sports and social events were held, and today, it is still going strong. Once a month, I go there to enjoy their absolutely delicious monthly Club Lunch, they have their own Rancho, and of course, this is the place where Caravela and Madeirafest happen, proving that this is a club that is alive and well, and still forging the history that makes it a part of the community’s memories. So often I have heard people say, “Oh, I came here as a kid when my parents were young!” Sometimes the speaker is someone in their 20s, but sometimes the speaker is a great deal older, and their children are getting married and having kids.
The Casa Dos Poveiros has every right to be proud of its age and history, and it is obvious that legacies are being made here too; the children of the individuals running the club can be found helping out, getting involved, and this shows that the legacy is being passed on.

As always, the celebration was done in style, with some of the most delicious food ever, including a soup that I am told originates from P├│voa de Varzim. This was followed by espetada and bacalhau along with various salads and potatoes, and then delicious desserts and coffee. The Rancho performed for all of us, and the room resounded with people clapping and singing along as they did so. The DJ made sure the music filled the evening, and there was a great deal of dancing. Of course, being rugby, there were announcements of the score, and as the evening slowed down, many went to watch the game on the big screen that the club had set up, or on the smaller screens in the bar area. As you may imagine, it was a double celebration by the end of the evening, and I am sure the next morning was hard on a couple of people!
All I can say is that the Club ÔÇô OUR Club ÔÇô has achieved a very respectable age and still has the spirit and support of the community, and we hope that, in 60 years’ time, there will be someone writing something just like this when the club turns twice its current age.
God bless the Club, and God bless the community!

Philip Allebone

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