Prato do Dia


If you are looking for a small place with atmosphere, style and simple yet delicious food, then it is off the Flamingo Center in Modderfontein with you. Here there are a few places to see, but the highlight is Senor Frangos, a Portuguese restaurant that pretty much specializes in its chicken and chips. Found at shop 35 on the corner of Valley Road and Queens Street in Modderfontein, They claim to do Traditional Portuguese Street food. Their chips are, in fact, amazing, fresh cut and nicely spicy. There are the traditional starters of giblets, livers, chouri├žo or rissoles, but it is the mains that matter, and they do espetada, chicken, trinchado, pregos, chouri├žo or seafood, which is not a massive menu, but they are focusing on quality over quantity, and they do it very well.

It seems that the general agreement is that the chicken is the best of all, and they make it in the proper Portuguese way, with all the flavour that implies. It is simple rather that fancy, but this is where you go for taste and good food, and that have a lot of that indeed. The centre is a nice one, and the atmosphere is very relaxed, and since there is good service at the restaurant, it makes for a very chilled and enjoyable meal. I didnÔÇÖt see any sign that it was licensed, but that is quite fine as they do all the cool drinks and coffees that you would expect. Prices are reasonable, making it a great place to take the family, especially with kinds that will enjoy the style and taste of this amazing food. Definitely one to try for a nice relaxed meal.

Philip Allebone

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