Prato do Dia


Gather together a group of Portuguese ladies and let them go to a restaurant and I promise you the review will be harsh, critical and exacting – I have never met a more exacting group when it comes to food, so you must know if they come back and say that they ‘Heartily recommend’ a place, it must be pretty amazing. Some of the Ladies Group went for a meal at Casa do Campo, and according to them the service is excellent, and they were VERY well looked after, the food is really good and well up to proper Portuguese standards. It is also a very nice comfortable family restaurant.

Well I have eaten there once before myself, and I can say that their high rating that they gave is all deserved. Luiz makes sure the place runs well, and the service is friendly and attentive. The meals are reasonably priced and the atmosphere is pretty relaxed, so you can feel very much at home there. I have to agree with several comments that were made – this is a place that knows how to do their flavours, so make sure that you cheat and order multiple starters and eat your way through all the different things tapas style.
That said the mains are to die for as well, so it is a very hard choice. Whatever you decide you can be sure that the food will be yummy. Their seafood is fresh and well worth the eating, but I have to admit they do a steak very well indeed. I guess the only way to solve this problem is to go and visit them multiple times and just have everything. They do take-aways, they have indoor and outdoor seating, they do serve alcohol and there is a smoking area. Like I say, its relaxed and friendly, easy to take your time here, and with food like they do? worth wasting an afternoon relaxing. Final advice? If Casa do Campo can impress the ladies with their food, then is a place you need to go!

Philip Allebone

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