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A new thing that is gaining interest in South Africa that caught my attention is the idea of Escape Room adventures. As we know there are plenty of Escape Room computer games, and they are remarkably popular, but what if you could do it yourself? In real life?
Dino Paulo got together with his partner Garry Kelley and created just that, an Escape Room game that is played by YOU, in real life, and the idea is amazing.

At the age of 25, he created HintHunt Africa, a company at the V&A Waterfront where you can go through the whole experience of an Escape Room game and take on the challenges posed and have the excitement and fun of paying the game in real life. This is an impressive idea, and it seems that even in the wake of Covid, the company has simply grown and grown.

Being not only an entrepreneur, but a man keen on adventure and excitement (He is a competitive skydiver) he creates his games to provide an environment where individuals or teams can compete away from the computer screen, and while it is a home-grown company, in 2012 it went global, proving that this is definitely something that has what it takes in the entertainment market. Groups can choose to collaborate in groups of 2 to 6 for 60-, 90- or 120-minutes of solving challenges, riddles, and puzzles with crafty clues.
We love the idea of getting out and doing things, and when you can enjoy not only a physical challenge but a mental one too, it just makes it even better. Games are where we play to find ways to make work better, and it is common knowledge that many business (and military) solutions began their concepts and testing in games, and it makes sense in that we challenge our brains first, waking ourselves to new ideas while having fun, and this leads to greater effectiveness in the business world.
Teambuilding, competitive play or just a little fun, this is an opportunity to go on a journey that is as much about yourself as it is about having a good time. The idea is simple; There are rooms that you must get out of to get to another room. Each room has unique puzzles and traps to try to stop you. To win, you travel through the rooms to escape the last one. The whole experience is immersive and enjoyable, and if you think you can hack it, next time you are in Cape Town, you know where to go!

Philip Allebone

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