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Club lunch at Poveiros

It was that time again and we went down to Casa Dos Poveiros for the monthly club lunch. As always, the place was full, and there were plenty of people there to sample the cooking. This time it was Cabrito, which goes very well with their home-made chili sauce, and it was clear that everyone enjoyed the dish very much indeed! We had a chance to chat with our good friends that had come for the lunch, and as always there is such a variety of topics to talk about. Everything from current politics to how to best treat venison so that it is right for eating. I confess that I am no expert on either of those topics, so I always end up having learned something new.

The Cabrito was expertly prepared by the cooks, and I was delighted to see that this time is was a Father and Son dual effort!! The Dias men, senior and junior, doing one of the things that they do very, very well indeed! There are such awesome people at the club, and the atmosphere is always welcoming and relaxed. I think that this is the reason that Poveiros is the best of clubs. It is a place for being with the best of people, and every time I am there I find friends to talk to, every conversation is different, the laughter is infectious and letÔÇÖs face it, the food is always amazing. I do think that they are starting to even outgrow the small area we usually have lunch in, and the popularity is increasing, so it may well be true that more space might be needed! As it is, one of the hot topics was the upcoming 60th anniversary of the club, which I think is a very respectable age to be reaching.

Philip Allebone

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