Women’s Soccer Tournament time!

Sunday we were at the Edenvale Indoor Soccer Club with Filipe Rodrigues, the Co-owner and founder of the Women’s League here, Along with the lovely Alexia Cassar, and what a dynamic pair they are! Full of energy and life – and frankly they have to be – they organize and run the women league and help the ladies learn the game, get confidence and skill, and, not only have the fun side and a good social after the games, but even play some serious games and win some impressive prizes.

The games are fast, and really quick, with only six players on a side, with four optional substitutions, and since the court is quite small, changes happen in an instant, and boy do you have to keep on your toes. Every Sunday the have a few easy family games, where the ladies are able to get involved and learn, and there are one or two men on each team to help the ladies learn and improve, but Wednesday is the serious games, where the Teams really battle it out.

Despite the competition on the field, and be sure that it is hot, off the field everyone is chilled, and the teams gather in the social area next to the pitches to have a drink, cool off, and just chat in a nice safe environment. The club is a pleasant one, with good parking and pretty secure, which is a big bonus of course. The arena is run by Vic Dos Santos, and it is nicely maintained making the play easy and pleasant. As Filipe points out, this is a game for any lady, and their motto is, “If you can kick a ball, you can play the game!” From what I saw this is totally true, and the energy is not only amongst the players, the crowd watching gets just as excited!

The whole aim of this is to promote women’s soccer and to provide a place to be both active and social, and I thing that Filipe and Alexia have nailed it. There are players from all over Gauteng that come, and it really is a worth while and exciting sport that gives you a great cardio, teaches you some skills, and offers you an opportunity to get together with friends.

At the moment of course, the League and the Cup have just been won by the dreaded ABC team, who apparently are right terror on the field, and the games I was watching were for the Tournament, with a possible win of 8000 Rands as a prize. Certainly a big deal, but I am sure that given how fast the game changes, any one of the great teams could take the prize.

Philip Allebone

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