Katia and Juliana Santo Shine on the International Stage

In a celebration of rhythm and Portuguese pride, sisters Katia and Juliana Santo, hailing from our vibrant community in Johannesburg, have danced their way into the international spotlight. Selected as members of the esteemed South African Tap Team, these talented siblings recently donned their Protea colors and represented South Africa at a prestigious tap dancing competition held in Germany.
Alberto and Merizete Santo, the proud parents of Katia and Juliana, shared their excitement about the sisters’ accomplishments and the honor of being part of the South African Tap Team. “It’s a dream come true for us and for them. Seeing our daughters embrace their passion and excel on an international stage is truly heartwarming,” expressed Alberto Santo.

Under the guidance of the renowned Kim Jewell School of Dance, Katia and Juliana honed their tap dancing skills, showcasing not only their talent but also the rich cultural diversity present within our community. The sisters’ dedication to their craft and commitment to excellence have now brought them to a global platform, where they represent not just themselves but our entire community.
Merizete Santo, the girls’ mother, emphasized the significance of their journey. “It’s more than just dancing; it’s a cultural exchange. Katia and Juliana are not only ambassadors of tap dancing but also ambassadors of our Portuguese heritage. They’re making waves on an international level, and we couldn’t be prouder.”
The international competition in Germany provided a stage for the Santo sisters to demonstrate their tap dancing prowess alongside performers from around the world. Their inclusion in the South African Tap Team and the display of Protea colors symbolize the recognition of their exceptional skills and the unity they bring to the global tap dancing community.
As the Santo sisters continue to inspire with their rhythmic performances, our Portuguese community stands together in applauding their achievements. Katia and Juliana Santo exemplify the essence of cultural representation and passion for the arts, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.
Stay tuned for more updates on these extraordinary sisters as they tap their way into the hearts of audiences worldwide, carrying the beat of our Portuguese heritage with them every step of the way.

Roberto Silva

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