Heritage Day Celebrated in Style

As we all know, Heritage Day, and indeed the whole weekend around it. Is a day to celebrate and be proud of the great things that are cultural. We celebrate with our food, our clothing and with the things that are special to our culture. The Portuguese have an incredibly rich and long history in this country, but they have never forgotten their roots, and we were delighted to be invited to The Café Estreito in Atterbury, where the café and the adjoining Westpack were celebrating their heritage in true Portuguese style. The much acclaimed (And so well loved) Casa Social da Madeira Rancho were there to dance for the occasion, and it was wonderful to see them all again.

They have some of the youngest members in their Rancho, and in fact the speech about the Portuguese Culture was given by none other than Genevieve Teixeira who started in the Rancho at the tender age of 2, and now at 10 is an absolute master of all the dances! Of course, when it comes to celebrating Portuguese food, Café Estreito does that every day, and they really make the most sublime coffees too, so if you missed out on Heritage Day, you can still get your taste of the Portuguese culture at any one of their branches.

The Rancho da Casa Social da Madeira. Genevieve Teixeira is at the front.

The ladies in Westpack also showed off their fine clothing and culture, and it just shows that the Portuguese are so much a part of South Africa, they have two homes, and we are proud of that! Portugal is just like South Africa in some vitally important ways, we both hold good food, great music, dance and family as central to our lives, no wonder Westpack and Café Estreito are such successful businesses here!

Philip Allebone

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