CCILSA Embarks on a Visionary Journey

Strengthening Bonds and Expanding Horizons

Faro, Portugal – The South African Chamber of Commerce in Portugal (CCILSA) is on the cusp of a transformative era, marked by a recent general meeting held on September 15, 2023. This pivotal gathering set the stage for a series of innovative initiatives and events that will not only deepen connections but also broaden horizons for itÔÇÖs diverse membership.

An Era of Transformation and Renewal

The executive board, fiscal board, and the general assembly convened for a momentous general meeting in mid-September. This meeting was not a mere formality; it was a resounding testament to CCILSA’s unwavering commitment to its mission and vision. The collective dedication and tireless efforts of the entire board were on full display as they discussed the upcoming agenda and initiatives that will sculpt the future of the chamber.

A fundamental pillar of this transformative journey is a comprehensive restructuring of its media presence. The English segment of their website has already been launched, providing a dynamic platform for members and the public to engage.

Simultaneously, work is underway to unveil the Portuguese segment of the website, ensuring their message reaches an even broader audience. Yet, this overhaul extends beyond the website. The chamber is resolute in enhancing its online footprint and social media presence, with a specific focus on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The goal is clear – to spotlight the accomplishments and contributions of itÔÇÖs executive members while providing regular news updates on topics of significance to both Portugal and South Africa.

CCILSA’s Upcoming Events:

Building Bridges, Strengthening Partnerships

CCILSA has unveiled an exciting and diverse lineup of events for the remainder of the year. These events are more than gatherings: they are bridges that connect individuals, businesses, and communities, playing a pivotal role in strengthening the partnerships between Portugal and South Africa.

An Evening of Connection in Cascais – October 4th Event

As the sun sets on October 4, 2023, a remarkable event is set to unfold in the charming town of Cascais. From 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM, as the evening descends, an unforgettable gathering awaits at “Tim’s Garage.” This special occasion promises a profound experience, where meaningful connections and enriching conversations will take center stage. It’s not just an evening; it’s an opportunity to forge lasting connections.

The host for this occasion is none other than Tim Vieira, former CCILSA president and the visionary mind behind the Brave Generation Academy (BGA) schools. Tim’s dedication to education and entrepreneurship aligns seamlessly with the essence of CCILSA’s mission ÔÇô fostering collaboration and growth. His presence adds a unique dimension to this event, making it an evening to remember.

A Celebration of Togetherness: The Christmas Gala

As the year draws to a close and the air becomes infused with the festive spirit, CCILSA invites you to their much-anticipated Christmas Gala. While the official date remains a delightful secret for now, rest assured, it will be a celebration like no other.

The Christmas Gala stands as a testament to the spirit of unity and togetherness that defines this festive time. It’s an opportunity for members to come together, share in the joys of the season, and welcome the holidays with camaraderie and goodwill. Stay tuned for further details as preparations are underway for this enchanting evening of celebration.

Looking Ahead to 2024: A Year of Promise

As CCILSA charts its course for 2024, it does so with a profound sense of purpose. The chamber aims to elevate the regularity and diversity of its networking events, ensuring that members have a continuous stream of opportunities to learn, collaborate, and prosper.

Business Breakfasts, Luncheons, and Cocktail Evenings:

CCILSA is gearing up to host a series of engaging events throughout the year, including business breakfasts, luncheons, and cocktail evenings. These gatherings will provide a platform for members to exchange ideas, explore partnerships, and gain insights from industry leaders.

A series of engaging activities, including enlightening talks, interactive workshops, and insightful masterclasses have been planned. These sessions will delve into critical subjects like state budgets, taxation policies, and a host of other pertinent topics that will shape the future of economic cooperation between Portugal and South Africa.

Celebrating Freedom Days:

In April, CCILSA will celebrate both the freedom days of Portugal (April 25th) and South Africa (April 27th). These events are more than just commemorations; they are reminders of the shared values of liberty, democracy, and the enduring bond between the two nations.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs:

International Women’s Day and South African Women’s Day will be celebrated with enthusiasm and purpose. CCILSA plans to invite accomplished women entrepreneurs as speakers, fostering cross-cultural empowerment and inspiration.

Nurturing Youth and Innovation:

Recognizing the vital role of the younger generation, CCILSA will observe Youth Day in both countries. This will highlight the importance of young individuals in driving economic growth and innovation.

CCILSA’s Distinguished Guest: South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Upcoming Visit to Portugal

In March, the chamber will have the honor of welcoming South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to Portugal. This significant diplomatic event is the result of a heartfelt invitation extended by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa during his official trip to South Africa.

Beyond its diplomatic importance, President Ramaphosa’s visit presents a unique opportunity to enhance business collaborations and trade missions between the two nations. President Ramaphosa’s arrival heralds a new chapter in the partnership, one that promises enhanced economic ties and a shared commitment to collective progress and prosperity.

Join CCILSA’s Vision: A Bright Future Awaits

CCILSA extends an open invitation to individuals and businesses to become part of its dynamic and inclusive community. Membership offers access to new revenue streams, expanded networking opportunities, avenues for business growth, and valuable information and guidance. For those considering relocation to or investment in Portugal and/or South Africa, CCILSA serves as an invaluable resource, providing essential support and insights.

As this visionary journey carries on, guided by the dynamic leadership of Manuela Robinson, it is poised to become the preeminent entity for individuals and businesses with interests in both countries. The chamber’s commitment to building bridges, creating opportunities, and fostering international connections ensures that its members and partners will thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

As the chamber looks towards the future, it does so with a clear vision of creating a vibrant and interconnected community where opportunities abound, connections flourish, and partnerships thrive, it invites you to be part of this exciting journey, where the possibilities are limitless, and the future is bright.

Stay Informed & Get Involved!

For the latest updates on CCILSA’s events and initiatives, be sure to keep an eye on this space and register as soon as possible. Event spaces may be limited, so early registration is encouraged. For inquiries and further information, reach out to . Your involvement can help shape a future of greater collaboration, prosperity, and friendship between Portugal and South Africa.

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