Segunda Quarta-Feira

Segunda Quarta-Feira – September Lunch

Once a month the Segunda Quarta Feira all gather on the second Wednesday of the month to socialize, and of course, more importantly, to raise some money that goes towards charity. The guys all met up at Katrina Farm in Krugersdorp, which is where they always meet for either lunch, or, for those that cannot make the earlier meal (business hours and so on), then supper.

The meal, which was delicious, as it always is, was sponsored by the group of four festeirous chosen for this particular get-together, and in this case, it was Carlos Andrade, Tony Mala Jr., Aldino Pita and Johnny Catanho. It was great to meat up with all the guys again and spend time chatting over the eisbein, that was served with chips, rice and salad. After eating, it is a custom for the guys to play cards, Bisca of course, and it becomes a great deal of fun as people get into the spirit of the games. This serves also as a way to keep people entertained until the evening when the rest of the guys arrive and join in. Then the fire is lit up and the Espetada is roasted.

Philip Allebone

Photos: Alberto de Azevedo

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