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Tribute to a Lady

On Friday the 1st, we went to Luso Africa Restaurant – Mundo Português – to celebrate the life of our much beloved Mariazinha. The celebration was a dinner and the amazing music of João Quintino, which I think was really appropriate since we all know just how much our wonderful lady did so love to dance!

As you know, Mariazinha and João Quintino were friends for a great many years, so there was something very moving that he was able to be there to sing. The evening started at around seven, and the restaurant was full of all those that remember this lovely lady. The evening started off with a selection of food from the restaurant menu, and the starters were in typical Portuguese style, with livers and chorizo and other delights, followed by chicken and fish and other meat dishes. I had the calamari with chips and salad and it was absolutely delicious, baked in the oven.

There was a cake for the occasion, which was auctioned off, with proceeds becoming a donation to the Carmelite Church, which was one that was a favorite Church of Mariazinha. Along with the excellent performance by João Quintino, there was also DJ Paul Luis, who made sure that in between the songs there was always some excellent music to keep the spirits up.

It was a wonderfully bitter-sweet evening, remembering this gorgeous woman and at the same time feeling deeply her loss to the community. She became a true icon in her life, and her legacy will last for many, many years.

Quoting a line from Dan Brown, “A person never dies as long as their name is spoken.” I think that we can be sure that Mariazinha will live with us for a very long time indeed, and deservedly so! Sr. Quintino gave a moving tribute to Mariazinha, talking about how he met her and some of the times where they were together at his performances.

The event was put together by two sisters from the Madeira Carnival Dance Group, Mary-Lou and Maria Do Carmo, and they did an amazing thing in keeping the spirit that Mariazinha had alive for us. Many of the members of the Johannesburg Dance group were present, as well as Family and friends to share this evening together.

Philip Allebone
Photos: Alberto de Azevedo

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