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Springtime Sip and Paint at the Lar Rainha Santa Isabel

On the 9th of September we stooped off at the Lar Santa Isabel to see what was happening with the Springtime Sip and Paint, and it was an absolutely sweet afternoon indeed.

It was an art class led by the ‘Art Fairy’ herself, Sharene, and I have to say that we really learned a lot about how to paint! There were some very clever little tricks to making a painting that really helped ensure that we could all paint some pretty masterful pictures.

We all got a pack with paints and a brush and some good art paper, and the challenge was to paint two different pictures, one being of a very appropriate Portuguese Galinhos, and the other what appeared to be a very challenging seascape, though with the expert help that we got, it actually proved to be very doable indeed!

There was something very therapeutic about watching how the families painted with the oldsters and there was definitely some great bonding going on, and of course there were a couple of nice glasses of wine to help everyone relax too, which no doubt helped people feel a little more courageous about the challenges. Get togethers like these are moments that are irreplaceable, and the enjoyment was as much with the company as with the artwork, and it really struck home just how important our parents are in our lives, and that we have to grab every moment that we are able to with them, especially as we get older.

Time with family is precious, and being able to do something like this that really brought smiles out on the faces of the people there must be the best of all. Huge thanks to Sharene, both for the wonderful afternoon and for the incredible tips on how to make paint really work for you. She is an excellent teacher, and it is nice to see that no matter how old we get, it is never too late to start a new hobby!

Philip Allebone

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