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This might be a random read for some of you, but I wanted to do a quick update with what I have been up to in terms of my motivational speaking. For those who might be reading one of my write ups for the first time, and don’t know who I am. The name is Jess and the game is motivational speaking. The use of turning my disability around into a positive quirk that can inspire many people. Well, at least I hope it is. I have been lucky enough to hear some feedback over the time I have been doing this and it seems to be having the effect I like it to. By the sound of it, I have managed to turn my disability into the success I wanted it to be. For me, a disability is not a negative thing in our lives. Something acting as a barrier to the goals ahead of us. It’s just a new touch to who we are and an extra challenge to prove how strong we truly are.

To start off the month of September, I was fortunate to be a part of a fund raiser for Apricot Tree. It was one of my favourite speeches I have done. There were so many laughs. Loads of food and some real inspiration being spread. The teachers and learners both put on performances for the guests. It showed both, love and passion for life. The teacher’s performance radiated the fantastic relationships they have created within the group. It was clear to see how much passion and love they have for what they do. I was extremely grateful to have a peek into their true nature. Seeing the way they joked with each other and interacted with the learners, showed how strong and wonderful they are. I wish there were hundreds and thousands more people like them. People who will put in all the time in the world, to make sure that each person gets a chance at a great life. A chance, no matter the situation.

The learners on the other hand. Well…. Wow…. Their performance proved that with the greatest determination, anything can happen. It didn’t matter what the challenge was, they managed to put on the best show. One might may say that they were better than all the performances put together. Having a chance to share the same stage as these amazing people, gave me a sense of pride. Pride to be a voice for people like me. People that have their own epic quirks that make us different to society. A voice to be speaking for all of us. The learners of apricot tree are a perfect example of natural inspirations for the world. They are inspiring people that they encounter each and every day without even realizing and that makes me SO happy.

There are times when after a speech, I reflect and compare it to previous ones that I have done. Sometimes I think it could have gone better and other times I can’t get rid of the buzz after coming off stage, filled with the energy from the crowd. I’d have to say that most times I experience that buzz but there has been, maybe one or two speeches where the crowd and I didn’t create a connection that I would have liked. I’m glad to say that this speech was DEFINITLY a buzz worthy one. I wish I could do many more speeches like this. The more speeches I do, the greater of an impact I feel I have made on the earth. I guess this is all it is, making a mark. If I make a difference to one person out of the eight hundred people I speak to, that is a success in my eyes. That one person, could use the inspiration to help many others. Creating a domino effect of positivity. It might be corny, but it’s true. You can’t deny that.

I know that they say people have a reason for their own lives. When I was leaving school, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing with my life. After starting my platform though, I sometimes wonder if everything I have gone through in life was just to help others. I wonder if all the painful experiences and greatest memories of mine, existed for the purpose of others. Having the opportunities to share all my different past experiences, it’s clear that it has had an effect on whoever is listening. The feedback that circles back to me, proves that a negative thing can be reflected as a form of greatness and power, showing your strength and capabilities you didn’t realise you had. I can only take a wild guess to say that this is something I was meant to do, whether I knew it or not. It’s just a gamble but having the chance to help other people has an impact on those being inspired as well as myself. It’s one of the best feelings and I am sometimes glad that I got the chance to take on a fight someone might not have been strong enough to face. I might have said this before, but every fight needs an army. I am EXTRODINARILY lucky and grateful for the army I was partnered with in my fight, and I wouldn’t trade them with anything. I wouldn’t even trade the for the chance of having a pet unicorn. That’s saying something….

Jess xo
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