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Mafiosos da Caridade at the Copper Pot

On Monday the 11th of September we from the Portuguese Forum joined the Mafiosos at their weekly lunch, which was held at the new ‘The Copper Mug’, the Portuguese restaurant that has just opened up in Aspen Hills Estate.

The restaurant has taken over the space where the old Princesa used to be. The menu was roast beef with white rice and chips, preceded by snacky starters of rissóis of different kinds, and after all the deliciousness there was dessert and coffee to enjoy. The turnout was good, and the sponsor for the meal, which changes each time, was Mr. Valentim from Uniao Portuguesa. Mr. Valentim is in fact the father of the new owner, so it was appropriate that he was the first to sponsor the meal there.

While we were there we noted that one of the younger members was celebrating his 26th birthday, and of course, the guys could not let that pass, and a cake was produced and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’, much to his embarrassment. As always the lunch is designed to raise money which is later used in the various charity work that the Mafiosos support, and as Mr. Valentim generously covered the costs, there was plenty to go into the work that they will do.

Well done to all who supported the lunch, and a big thanks to Mr. Valentim, and of course you do need to go and check out the new restaurant! As a side note, there were also some announcements made about upcoming events, including a golf day and an arraial that will certainly be something to watch for in the future. Announcements were made also about their Quinta da Caridade project which is ongoing, and is progressing quite nicely.

Philip Allebone
Photos: Alberto de Azevedo

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