Bacalhau Golf Day

The 7th of September saw the Portuguese Forum at Glenvista Country Club with the Bacalhau Mae Academy, who were hosting the game for their yearly fundraising function. The Portuguese Forum was invited to have a gazebo at one of the tees, along with Belém and Reis Properties, and we found our place to set up at the 8th tee.

The start was a shotgun start, so people were teeing off at different tees around the course, and as they prepared we laid out our table and gazebo, and the Bacalhau Mae Academy placed some snacks at our gazebo for the players to enjoy for breakfast – rather delicious fresh fruit from the market and some risoles and pasteis de nata.

It was a lovely day, if slightly windy, and the guys were all keen for the game. About 80 players had signed up, and there was a lot of chatter and friendly rivalry.

The Bacalhau Mae Academy gave a golf shirt to every participant, so we were all resplendent in the blue golf shirts. The game went on through the day, with snacks and refreshments being brought at around lunchtime to keep the players’ strength up. After everyone had played the course, the players freshened up and thereafter all gathered at the pub to relax a while before going on to the restaurant for dinner and prize-giving.

As you know the restaurant is always one chosen in the area played, and in this case, it was Castelo, a delightful Portuguese restaurant very well known in the area. There were plenty of prizes for all the different categories such as overall winner, and closest to the tee, and this made for a very convivial reward to end the day. The dinner was a buffet that was heartily enjoyed after all the effort of the game, and as always Castelo’s did an amazing job with the food.

The Consul-General, Graça Fonseca came later in the evening to join the prize-giving ceremony. All in all, it was a great game and a great evening, well supported by the community, including some of the other golf groups, such as our friends from the Redskins.

Philip Allebone

Photos: Alberto de Azevedo

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