Dr. Sandra Da Mata receives her Doctorate in Humanitarianism

At a prestigious G.I.A. (Global International Alliance) graduation ceremony in Pretoria on the 21 July 2023 – our very first Portuguese Female & Community Empowerment leader within our community- Dr. Sandra Da Mata was awarded a Doctorate in Humanitarianism.
The G.I.A. is an international alliance who give recognition to individuals all around the world who help make a positive impact on building better communities.
Sandra received the award with much humility and made the following statement in her acceptance speech:
‘Today – History has been made for our whole community. Thank you Nosso Senhor! I receive this heartfelt accolade with the deepest gratitude to everyone who have always supported my Humanitarian Projects that I have run since I was 14 years old.
I want to especially dedicate this Doctorate to my God-fearing and hard-working parents – (Placido Da Mata and Manuela Da Mata) who raised me up to always respect humanity and honour all those around me no matter what, I am what I am today because of how you shaped me to be full of unconditional love, honesty, and sincerity.
Our upbringing is an important part of the people we become and the way we view the world. We learn many things from our parents; some of these things we grasp at the time of the teachable moment and others don’t reveal themselves until we’re further down the road of life.
I learnt how to serve and show Gods love through my own behaviour because of how you inspired my sisters and I to always serve with grace and empower strength in others.
Given that humane can be defined as showing compassion, understanding, mercy, and tolerance, we can all strive to be worthy of such a distinction and I want to put out this challenge especially to all our Youth – you are the leaders of tomorrow so Make It Count!”

Sandra da Mata

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