Kiara Coppens gets Player of the Tournament!

In a recent edition we ran an article about Kiara Coppens and her amazing success in the field of Netball. As you know, she was preparing to go off to Australia to take part in the rather prestigious Tri Nations Series.

This was, of course, a very exciting moment for her, and we were hoping that she would do well in the competition. We are very proud to say that in fact we have just received a communication from Kiara, who has just finished taking part in the competition, and the team managed an astounding 3rd place in the competition, which is really great, but of course Kiara herself managed to do even better, and in the 6’s competition she took the title of ‘Player of the Tournament’!

What an amazing accomplishment indeed! I think that we can be proud of her team and even more proud of Kiara’s accomplishments! Well Done, Kiara!

Philip Allebone

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