Lunch at Poveiros

Once again, the chefs at the Poveiros Club have managed to hit the gold with their meal. It was a delicious dish in the typical Portuguese style, and of course, it happens to be one of my favorite dishes of all – Faezoada! I arrived at the club and was heartily greeted by everyone. They have such a nice vibe there it is always great to be able to stop by. I poked my head into the kitchen to greet the Master Chefs, and naturally looked in the giant pots where they were cooking up a storm, and I must admit the smell was a delight.

It always brings a smile to my face to listen to them joking and teasing each other in the kitchen, and they have such great camaraderie going on. From there it is on into the bar area where all the tables are set up and ready and people are starting to arrive, though I can’t help but notice that these days, even though I arrive pretty much at the same time, there are more and more people already there. This club is getting very popular. I immediately ran into a couple of friends, including Andre da Costa, and was able to catch up and see how everyone was doing, then I found my place and settled down to chat and enjoy some good company before the meal was served.

It does get a little loud inside, with everyone talking up a storm, and I noticed that the outside tables are also filling up with people who are keen on cards and the like – I believe Sueca is the game of choice, and indeed, it can get very intense, though always in a good way. One thing that I have to admit, is you need to be hungry to eat here, because the portions are not for little people. I promise you that you will NEVER leave hungry after a meal here. They make very sure that you are stuffed to the top.

After a really great meal and an even greater conversation with some new friends that I met, where we seemed to talk about all sorts of things and had a fine old time, we were then in for what is becoming a regular thing; Two of the people that come to the club bring along their instruments, a guitarra and an accordion, and they play the kind of music that everyone knows, loves and sings along to.

It really becomes quite the event and I think that if you have never tried this out then you are really missing out on something special and very cultural. The club lunch here is undoubtedly the favorite for me, out of all the places that I go to.

Philip Allebone

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