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As someone who has spent a lifetime around a father who was a sales and leadership trainer I’ve had my moments where I’ve wondered if this road of self-development is in actual fact all its sold to us as?
I’ve been known in tough times to ask, “why did you tell me I’m responsible for my actions and my attitude???” I’ve longed for a life where you get to blame others for what’s happening to you, and you get to blissfully live without thinking too deeply.

As life does, I soon process, feel a bit stronger and understand the privilege I have of not only directing but creating the life I want and believe me it’s one of abundance, contentment and purpose.
Gorette and my long-time business partner and long-time soul sister and I embarked on what would be a defining moment in both our lives some 20 odd years ago when we ran self-development and i courses. In the process we learnt to heal our own trauma and pasts and also do this with others.
We have spent many glorious hours chatting and unpacking personal development, grief, trauma, depression, vision, goal setting, planning, relationships, illness, friendship and the greatest of them all love.
In my personal work with clients, I’ve found these tips in working on yourself and myself most helpful and profound

  1. Not everything needs immediate attention, sometimes just sitting with something helps
  2. Be gentle with yourself, we are truly our hardest critics, and we often speak to ourselves on ways we would never speak with others
  3. Have the courage to speak your truth and the wisdom to understand that the reaction you get is the other persons responsibility not yours
  4. Be open to changing your mind, different ages, circumstances, relationships require a different belief system.
  5. Know that gratitude is powerful and it’s shifts your state of mind
  6. Let go of toxic people, places, and patterns
  7. Know that the only certain thing in your life is you, on that note don’t ever try to run away from yourself it’s impossible, you take yourself where you go so make yourself your biggest investment.
  8. Fill your cup and give from the overflow so that you give quality it will change your relationships
  9. Know that at the end of the day when you are on your death bed you will call for the people you love and not your possessions.
  10. Relax and trust that what is meant for you is coming for you. 
    As I write this, I laugh at the moments I wished I could get off this beautiful path, I recognize that I would chose it 100 times over, it’s tough, it requires courage, it hurts, it’s honestly is brutal but I know this to be true “anything worth having is hard fought for”
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