There is a Japanese legend which says,
“When your eyes cry, its their way of speaking when your mouth can’t express how broken your heart is.”
When I heard about this legend, I gave it a second to sink in. I mean, it’s so powerful it barely needed more than a second to sink in. Tears are just another form of communication and sometimes we see them as a show of weakness. We see them as a negative thing. Tears don’t have to be viewed that way as they are just another way to tell the people around you that your heart is sore.

From men to women to children, no one should be ashamed to cry. No one should be ashamed to show emotion, and no one should be shameful of sharing what they are going through. It has come to my attention that the rates of bullying have increased drastically in such quick succession. The thing is the victim is made to feel that they can’t express their pain or even fear or what they are going through. This is not to say the victim is weak, but the victim could be challenged by the bully if they show signs of reporting what they are experiencing. This is plain unjust and unfair and a violation of a persons human rights.
I have once fallen victim to bullies in my teenage years as no one was really educated appropriately about my disability in the respective areas that I spend my time. The thing I regret doing was not standing up for myself as often as I should have. I have two motos in life which are,
‘Live with no regrets’ and ‘live as if it’s your last day.’
These basically mean the same thing but I failed to live up to them in this regard.
So many people are afraid to be themselves as there has been such an adjustment in the views that society deems acceptable. It’s almost as if we have to act as a shopping item that belongs on one specific shelf and nowhere else. I feel that this is a display of disrespect toward unique identities.
When a victim is targeted by a bully, the victim could be harassed in multiple ways. Physically, mentally, verbally and via social media. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Once it reaches the level of the internet, it becomes almost impossible to be taken seriously. People become so brave hiding behind their screens that there is no limit too high to make them to stop. Yet alone, see the effect on the person on the other side of that screen. Reports of online bullying aren’t taken seriously either because there is almost no physical evidence like a bruise or injury that proves the pain the victim has taken on.
Bullies think that they have all the power over their victims once they get the first attempt at harming correctly. Once the victim is hurt once, they fear the bully and will likely do anything to remain out of their reach. This can include not reporting the bully and keeping their heads down. This is possibly worse than the actual bully attempt, as when the victim shows their willingness to stay low, the bully knows they have the victim wrapped around their finger. This leads to victims gaining such a high number of mental issues like depression, anxiety, panic disorders and even eating disorders. It installs a sense of unsafety, constant caution, and being on edge all day long.
There can be harassment in schools and the work pace and what people don’t realize is that there is not one place that people will stick to in terms of bullying another person. It doesn’t help not reporting the harassment as they just get worse, and the victims are stretched to their utter limits that it could even lead to attempts of suicide. It is not nice to talk about, OVBIOUSLY, yet it is the sad truth. People of a large range of ages are going THAT far. It is a violation of human rights, when they are pushed to such a limit that they have to take their own life, and it is not even a mistake, it is a choice.
Thus, I plead with each of you beautiful readers. If you see, hear or experience ANY form of harassment or assault,
Yes, you may be afraid,
Yes, you may not want to get involved,
But if you are the reason that someone is safe from the pain that they can’t seem to escape due to a bully, then just report it. I would hate for someone to go through what I did. Feeling sick on the way to school because I didn’t know what would happen next…. NO that should not be a way to live. NO, that should not even be an option yet alone a feeling that someone has. Say NO to bullies. My Mission with a Vision campaign, has recently been focused on the topic of bullying and I hope the talks I have done, have made a difference. I have faith that I can, at least try, to be someone that will be a part of a bigger mission of bringing bullies to an end. No one should have to come across one.
The question is… Are you going to help be a part of that bigger mission?
I think that right now, a lot of people could use the assistance.
“When your eyes cry, its their way of speaking when your mouth can’t express how broken your heart is.”
Are you the one crying…?
Are you the one drying the tears…?
Are you the one causing the tears…?

Jess xo
x_flyingblind_x instgram

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