Cheering a Leader in Her Field

Introducing Alicia Cura, an amazing young lady that is putting her heart and soul into her passion. She tells me that she is a Cheerleader, but it is not just pompoms and spelling out words, it is a fully gymnastic skill that takes courage and ability. Proper cheerleading includes all the things that make it something more, including being able to lift and throw people into the air and really put on a proper show. She has been doing cheerleading since she was 13, and it is a sport that keeps on growing in South Africa and she hopes that it will get even more exposure and support in this country. We tend to think of it as a purely girls’ sport, but even this is not the case at all. It is a sport that takes a lot of strength and fitness, and, as she points out, it has even replaced the gym for her, as it is that demanding!

When South Africa goes to the ICU Worlds, there are three teams that participate; A junior team, an All-Girls Team, and a Co-Ed Team. The ICU Worlds is the World Cup for cheerleading, and Alicia went there this year for the second time to represent South Africa as part of the All Girls Team. This time around she even went as the Captain of the All Girls team, proving that she not only did it again, she did it better this time!

Despite her success so far, she is not done by any stretch of the imagination, and she has plans to make it as the first base in the Co-Ed Team. What that means is that she wants to be one of the ones at the bottom of the ‘pyramid’ to be lifting the others. Doing this obviously takes a great deal more strength and control, and would really be an amazing achievement for her.

Cheerleading is something that is not only a great sport, it is also inspiring, and the effort she puts in is not only physical, it teaches her about life and challenges, and as she tells me, When you are at the bottom, there is only one way to go, and that is UP!
We certainly hope that she achieves the goals that she sets herself, and judging by her successes so far, she certainly will. This is proof that the Portuguese South Africans are a dynamic and amazing group of people that excel in the fields they choose, and we are very proud of them all!

Philip Allebone

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