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24th Anniversary at Luso Africa

The celebration of the 24th anniversary of Luso Africa Primrose was a wonderful afternoon where the hall was filled with plenty of people, the atmosphere was relaxed and chatty, and the people gathered spent the time between eating some amazing traditional fare and dancing away. The music was definitely the hit of the day, and the floor was constantly filled with people dancing, while some of the slightly more sedentary sat and enjoyed the tunes.

The food, this club definitely having a Northern flavor, was an excellent papas for the starter (though there was chicken soup for those that were not into that) and a very delicious pork dish with the meat being sponsored by S.P. Pereira for the event. The scouts, who have their home at the club, were very visible helping out in the bar and with the serving, and the ladies that do all the cooking did an amazing job.

There was the traditional auction of some items and a raffle of an absolutely massive presunto, that was won with great delight. I must say that the fairly new hall that they have there is a real credit to the club, and it makes for an excellent setting for the celebrations there. It was an excellent way to spend the afternoon, and I really did enjoy chatting with the people that I got to meet, many of them that I had not seen in a while, so I was able to catch up on the news and hear all that was going on.

There is a lovely family vibe that has developed there that I think is vital for any club, and I think that almost no one even realized that we were running on the generator for it all, it being that the area has been without power for several days!
It just goes to show that when you have the will, there is always a way, and when the community gathers, it is always a pleasure.
Happy anniversary to the Club, and we hope that they will see many more amazing years!

Philip Allebone

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