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Portuguese Welfare Society hold their AGM

On the 27th of July 2023, the Portuguese Welfare Society held its Annual General Meeting. Unlike last year, where neither the original meeting nor its postponed replacement secured a quorum, a good number of paid-up members of this association were present at the Lar Rainha Isabel, the Welfare Society’s main beneficiary since its inception decades ago.
Johnny Caetano, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees opened the meeting, and welcomed those present.

That included the presence of Dr. Gra├ža Fonseca, the Portuguese Consul in Johannesburg, and Dr. Diogo Franco, the Social Attach├ę at the Portuguese Embassy in Johannesburg. Their presence was all the more important due to the funds which the Portuguese State has made available towards specific improvements in the Old Age Home, which amount to a total of approximately 30.000 Euros. A donation is also expected from the Madeiran Regional Government for the running costs of the home.

Joaquim Coimbra, the Chairman of the Managing Committee read out his report in which he outlined the current state of affairs at the home as well as the many changes which are currently being implemented and which aim to stabilise not only financial matters, but also the every day running of the home. This includes, among others, labour relations and rent collections at the Home’s Villas, which are a main source of income.

While 2022 had been a year in which generous donations by our community had been abnormally high, the 2023 year saw a return to previous levels, but more than ever, the Lar Board of the PWS called upon Portuguese South Africans to support the various fund-raising events held throughout the year, the latest of which was the lunch in honour of the Lar Matron Saint, Rainha Santa Isabel on the 30th of July.

With the aim of rejuvenating the leadership of the Lar, and also adding to the female component, three new members were welcomed to the board. These are Wendy Ferreira, Paula Ferreira, and Sofia Pone.

In his closing words, Johnny Caetano emphasized the Portuguese Welfare Society’s desire to include projects other than the Lar in their scope of work, as per the association’s 1975 Constitution, and mentioned a drive to amend the Constitution to make it more in line with the current reality.

Forty-seven residents are currently living at the Old Age Home in Albertskroon. This number is down from fifty-five at the time of the previous AGM.

The Portuguese Forum congratulates all those who have been involved with this charity throughout the years, and wishes the current board the best of successes during their tenure.

Roberto Silva

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