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I think that everyone is familiar with the iconic figure of the CHOC Cow, and if not – you should be! CHOC is an organization that does a great deal of good and it is wonderful to see that YAPS is showing support to them.
It seems that one of their new members, Talia Dos Santos, also happens to be the communications administrator for CHOC, and this connection led to the YAPS team deciding that for their contribution towards Nelson Mandela Day 2023 would be to CHOC, and indeed they will likely be doing a whole lot more for CHOC in the future as well.

The 18th of July saw three of the team from YAPS at the Saxonwold CHOC House to donate, and indeed as we all well know they are always in need of assistance for the vital work that they do. We came across CHOC on a personal basis during COVID19, when the Forum has their Social Solidarity Food Drive, and we learned that the CHOC people are more formally the Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa, with the heartwarming motto of ‘Keeping more than HOPE alive’.
They look after children with both cancer and also life-threatening blood disorders, and they have been doing this amazing work since 1979! It is heartwarming to see how they help the most vulnerable among us, and it is undeniable that they deserve all the support that they can get.
Also there on the day were people from Manjoh, and as you will remember they showed huge support during COVID, and they are still doing the same. Great people with great hearts! Well one to YAPS and to Manjoh for all that they do!

Philip Allebone
Photos: Dominic Pais

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