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PHIL’S CUPPA – Winter Warmer – Aug 23

I am not going to lie – this cold may be just a sign of winter, but it REALLY does not suit me. That said, I am sure that I am not alone in saying that cold weather makes every single ache and pain suddenly come back to haunt you. Injuries I got at 17 are now aching! This put me in mind of all the old people out there, me included, and I started thinking that you know what? I bet that the residents in the old age homes have it way worse that I do!
The older you get the frailer you are, and sometimes those old aches can be a real bear! Maybe winter is a good time to go and visit the old family members and make sure that they are all right, that they know that we think of them and the fact hat they feel all these aches and pains. A good time, maybe, to take them a little care package with a nice light, but warm, coral fleece, some packets of soup and other heart and body warming goodies. Now is a VERY good time to think about them and maybe let them know that we are indeed grateful for all they did for us growing up.
Winter is, in many ways, the time that the cold affects our bodies, and is a reminder that we can feel that same cold in our hearts! There is a lot of warmth to be gained from being remembered and having someone visit to tell us that we are loved. We lead busy lives, its true, and there are many reasons that we cannot always go and visit or whatever, but that is the whole point – WHATEVER! The honest truth is that we do the things that we value doing, and right up there at the top in our priorities, should be care for our parents.
I was watching a movie the other day where this was the message, and it had a gut on an ’important business trip’ who realized that he was working so hard, technically for his family, that he barely ever saw his family. It kind of hit home a little hard, and I think this is the winter lesson for us. Don’t let our priorities become the very thing that breaks our priorities – go visit your parents, take the time.It may well be true that you do a great deal for them, but there is nothing as valuable as having someone there to hold your hand and let you know that you are cared for. Best winter warmer ever.

Philip Allebone

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