Lunch For a Walk

The Mater Dolorosa Church in Kensington held a fundraising lunch on the 1st of July to raise funds for the El Camino. In case you don’t know, the El Camino is a pilgrimage where you walk 140km across Spain and Portugal and it is one of the most ambitious and famous pilgrimages in the world. The SVdP group decided to do the pilgrimage at the suggestion of Juanito, who wanted not only to do the pilgrimage, but to take with them a wonderful lady from the parish that he knew would love to go, but would never be able to afford such a trip.
The efforts to raise money began a while ago, and so far they have managed to raise around R80 000, and this lunch was the latest effort. The SVdP were joined by the youth group, who also want to make the pilgrimage, and who joined in in the preparations for the lunch
More than 50 people attended the lunch, which was held in the hall at Casa Dos Poveiros, and which went very well indeed, with some delicious food, as well as a photo booth and a DJ and even a singer!
The plan is to do the walk, and afterwards join in on the World Youth Day celebrations that will be from the 4th to the 6th of August.
The event was well supported, and there was a wonderful cake donated, as well as flowers for decorating the tables. Ethel, who was the lady in charge of all the setup, ensured that all was in place, then welcomed everyone and ensured that the day was appropriately started with a prayer.
It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic all the youth were for the planned pilgrimage, and it shows that God is moving in the community and inspiring our youngsters! I am sure that it will be an experience that all that go will remember for their whole life, and I hope that they have the most blessed time while they make the trek!

Philip Allebone

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