Strong, selfless, courageous and empowered. These are a few adjectives used by some amazing people to describe the great women in their lives. These words do pop into my head when I think of all the powerful women that I either directly or indirectly know. The word that stands out the most for me when I think about the powerful women in the world is ‘brave’.

Since this addition is being released in August, I decided to do the cheesy thing of writing on the theme of the month. It may or may not be cringy for some people, but I really don’t think that the topic of women is discussed enough in the respect of how impactful they can be. Women in the society we live in today are the bravest people I know. I mean, women have revolutionized the meaning of femininity over many years, although it is not given the credit it deserves. Over the years, women have had to overcome many obstacles that are often forgotten because of the way our current society thinks. We could say that there is more equality in the world between women and men in the present day but there are many instances where this just is not true.
Women are indeed a mixture of the adjectives that I have mentioned above but I would have to say that in my own opinion, brave, would have to be the most effective way of describing women. I have many women in my life that I look up to and they all suit the features are being the bravest people I know. Being brave, is one of the most important characteristics that I think people should have. This characteristic gives us the power to take control of the situations we find ourselves in, in order to make the correct decision we think is befitting at the time. There are women I look up to that have faced many struggles and inequality during their lifetimes up till now. There are women I look up to that take any situation and find the positives although it might not be the thing that is respective to the problem at hand. There are women I look up to that have had the craziest curve balls thrown straight at them, yet they made it to the other side. All these women, have the marking of their own wars they have fought in their own lifetimes and they continue to fight for the things they think is fair to them. The thing that kills me is when these women do truly show the true power and independence they could process if they didn’t have to stay in the confines of the specific regard that they are held by.
I have always believed that as a woman, you should never be afraid of speaking and representing what you believe in. As a blind woman, this is not always the easiest job in my opinion as having a disability seems to decrease your worth in the view of society. The mental thing is people with disabilities have even greater worth as they show the pure strength that is needed to live a continuous normal life. Well, as normal as possible. Having the background voices of the world, speaking their disapproval of people with disabilities can impact people self-worth and this could affect who they are and how they see themselves. Thus, I say again that being brave is one of the most important traits we can all possess. As I can back this up with some experiences with discrimination towards disabilities, I can’t imagine letting the opinion of these types of people let me change my viewpoint of who I am. There are people who do get negatively affected by these flowing rumours about disabilities and I fear that it demotes these people that hear. Women should be able to show their bravery, selflessness, courage, strength and empowerment without having to worry about their own self-worth and self-opinion. Our self-worth should never be impacted by the people around us.
I have learned that there are insane moments that people must face in life by the women I have and look up to in my life and it has definitely taught me to stand for the person that I am. All the women that I see as an amazing example and role model to me, prove that having all the bravery in the world would never be effective if you don’t actually let yourself show it. This means that as women we must be proud and a little cheeky as to know when to flaunt what you are worth. Women have so much power and strength, but it’s always shot down because of the views that have come from the past. The world is evolving so I see no reason in the view of women also having a fair chance in evolving in just an equally positive way as everything else.
“Feminism isn’t about making woman strong. Woman are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – GD Anderson.
It is one of my greatest wishes that all women get the fair share of just treatment and recognition that they deserve. In honour of this wish, I would like to make my appreciation to one of the greatest women I know, known to you all. She goes by the nickname Avocado, Avo for short, this woman has done many great things over the course of her life. She has shown true strength in situations where the outcome that was wanted, didn’t seem possible. I am honoured to know someone as brilliant as she. I would love to name all the women that influence me but then this would go on for hundreds of pages. This women’s month, please show the women around you, how they are absolutely amazing and that the universe would fail if they weren’t in existence.
Happy women’s month to all you stunning super women.

Jess xo
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