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The club lunch at the Casa dos Poveiros on the 1st of July was a rather special one in that I took along a guest with me. My landlord is an elderly German who always tells me that the only people that know how to cook sausage are the Germans, so I decided that when I heard that it was Cozido à Portuguesa on the menu, that I had to take him along to see how he would react to the Portuguese cooking.
He has lived in the area for about 60 years, and was the man that made the fridges for many of the old shops in the area, so there was a good chance he might meet up with people that he knew as well. We arrived at the club and settled ourselves in, and it was not long before the amazing smell of the food told us that it was time to line up. As you can imagine, the cooks at the club, being as skilled as they are, did not disappoint, and we were soon tucking into some amazing food.
There were several kinds of sausage included, so I watched to see what my friend would eat, and to my great amusement, he was enjoying the meal very much indeed! I chatted with the fellows that came for the lunch, including our friend Paul from Africa Truck Parts, who it was good to see, and as always there were plenty of good conversations on the go to make the meal even better.
After the meal, I asked my friend how t was, and after a little thought (and a grumble) he had to admit that the Portuguese also know how to make sausages properly! It seems that once again the good food of Portugal wins out – it can even convince an old German that it is real quality! It really was good, and certainly, it was enough, and I have to agree with my friend – Cozido is one of my favorite dishes, and the Club really knows how to make it right. You really will find it hard to beat the Poveiros Club lunch, they have the best people there to chat with, the best food that is a real taste of Portugal, and the day itself proved to play along, as it was a lovely sunny and warm day so we could enjoy the meal and the chats in comfort after the chilly weather that we have been having. Well done to all the guys that make this such a great place to visit, and remember, it’s the first Saturday of every month at 13h00, so make sure that you swing by and enjoy with us!

Philip Allebone

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