Gallitos – Celebrating the Sea

It is a very traditional dish that the Portuguese have that, given that I grew up on the coast, I am not only familiar with, but which is as much a South African dish – Braaied sardines! It is certainly a much-loved dish on the coast, and judging by the people ordering it at Gallitos on the 10th of September, it is also a favourite up here! It was, as some of you may have seen, the birthday celebrations for the centre at the bottom of Northmead, and Gallitos got in to the spirit of the day with a sardine braai and a whole host of other tings too! For the kiddies there were jumping castles and a mechanical bull, which was really quite hilarious to watch, and the little ones were taking full advantage of all on offer to run amok. There was also live music, in the shape of ‘Frontline’, a band that has played there before and which I can tell you is well worth listening to! They play all the greats and are very chilled indeed, making the whole mood one that is incredibly chilled. Add to that a couple of good drinks and a decent meal and the whole day is basically sorted! Speaking of the food, though, and just in case you are not feeling for the fish, don’t forget that Gallitos is famous for chicken too, and their usual menu was all available in case you felt like something else. I must admit to being a huge fan of their chicken livers, which they always manage to do just perfectly. The afternoon was a hoot, and since it was a nice warm day, it was perfect weather to sit in the shade with an ice cold drink and just enjoy the whole event. If you missed this one, keep an eye out, because there is always something on the go down there!

Philip Allebone

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