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Dear Portuguese Community
Notice of Adjournment of Annual General Meeting
On the 19th July 2022, notice was given that the annual general meeting of SPB
would take place at Lar St Isabel, on Thursday the 25th August 2022 at 18h00
NOTICE is hereby given that, in accordance with article 10.1 of our constitution,
which states, in the event of there being no Quorum, such meeting will be
adjourned for not less than 7 days, therefore the annual general meeting was
held and adjourned to Thursday the 1st September 2022 at 18h00, at the hall of
Lar St Isabel 219 – 3rd Street Albertskroon, Johannesburg.
Your trustees willingly, and without payment for their services, spend a
tremendous amount of their personal time on IMPROVING AND MAINTAINING
THE INTEREST of the community. We encourage as many members as possible
to attend the meeting and to give your positive support towards the points on
the agenda and administration of the SPB
By order of the Board

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