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The service that¬†Casa Social Da Madeira¬†offer is unique. This uniqueness is achieved through each event being designed to meet the client’s individual requirements.¬†Casa Social Da Madeira¬†has the resources available to offer the client a vast selection of menus from which they can make their individual choice to suit their own special occasion.

Casa Social Da Madeira¬†service orientated outlook and endeavor’s enables us to satisfy our client’s wishes. We strive to accommodate any budget restraint, but obviously operating within its own margins and as long as our high standards and reputation is not affected in any way.

Event planning and arrangements are individually determined by the client. We acts in an advisory capacity and offers the client our experienced advice. In order to ensure service excellence, all our service personnel are trained in-house, as they represent Casa Social Da Madeira at each event.

Juanita Beukes (JB)¬†has 30 years experience in the conference, wedding and function industry, therefore we consider¬†Casa Social Da Madeira’s¬†service to be unique and gives us reason to describe ourselves as the¬†Special Occasion Catering and Events Specialists.

Michael Freitas – President Casa Social da Madeira

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