South African Portuguese Chamber of Business and Commerce

Must be a branch of the Portuguese Forum South Africa as it is mandated by the Portuguese Community of South Africa and can open the platform for the chamber on a national level that can report to the powers that be from the ground roots.

Benefits of the Chamber to its members:
o Create a database of credit information on members and non-members to help small and medium business members who provide trading terms to their clients
o Networking events that help members with various business interests
o Keep members updated on trade shows and exhibits and also have stands at trade expositions to help members promote their businesses on a global level (With the assistance of the DTI and other agencies)
o Inform members of international trade delegations visiting the country and helping them meet these delegations
o Publish trade leads on our website
o Legal advice
o Discussion Forums on the chamber’s website and social media

Proposed events and functions:
o Networking power breakfasts and lunches
o Portuguese Community Awards (a gala dinner that awards our communities hero’s and achievers)
o Promote business publications o Form buying groups for members in the retail sector
o Publish a South African Portuguese Business and Commerce directory

Implementation strategy of the Chamber
o No initial membership fee but it will be considered later to raise funds for chamber functions
o Online membership makes it easier and more accessible.